I’m Trying Different Ways to Make Money Online

And Documenting My Journey Along the Way

Bernard Bado
3 min readSep 25, 2021

Welcome! I’m Bernard and I love trying different ways to earn online income (using tech skills). I’m trying to document my journey being as transparent as possible. I also share the tips and tricks I learn along the way.

If you wish to stay in touch, find me on:

As of this moment, I’m using different methods to earn my income. In this article, I’ll go over each one of them. If you’re interested, read further!


I believe freelancing is the easiest way to start making money online. It’s way easier than you think and you can start doing it today. All you need is a skill and a person, who is in a need of that skill. To find that person, I suggest you use one of these platforms:

I started my freelancing career on Upwork.com. After a couple of weeks on the platform, I became a rising talent, and eventually, I became top rated freelancer on the platform.

However, I’m no longer receiving job proposals. It’s because of the fact I’m fully committed to the client outside of the platform. But if you’re still interested in getting in touch with me. Or just receive some inspiration, check out my profile.


I became my writing journey the same time I started freelancing. At first, I was just documenting my learning progress, while building my reputation. This was definitely a good choice because I landed multiple clients just due to the fact they read my articles.

There are multiple ways you can make money writing. To name a few:

  • Write on Medium with partner program
  • Start personal blog
  • Write a book
  • Write for paid publications
  • Become a ghostwriter

Me personally, I’m using medium to write my stories. I believe it’s a good choice, especially for beginners. It’s very simple to start, you get the feedback on your articles right away, and you can easily grow your audience.

If you wish to join the medium platform and start writing today, you can do so by clicking on my link below.

Apart from writing on Medium. I’m also the creator of a niche blog site called https://www.upbeatcode.com.

Selling Templates

The good thing about selling templates is this. You can build one customizable solution to a given problem. And use that solution to help multiple people at scale. The idea is to focus on a specific problem. Build a landing page for startups, a website for dentists, or restaurants.

Then you can list your template on one of these marketplaces and start receiving income:

I believe ThemeForest has the highest income potential, but it’s also hardest to get your theme listed there. If you’re a new author without any previous themes listed on ThemeForest, you’ll most likely get rejected.

I’m selling my themes on Creative Market. You can check out my shop here.


Software as a service is a great way to earn income as well. And the best part about is, it’s monthly recurring revenue. The idea of building a software solution can be intimidating at first. You’ll try to build the next Facebook or Instagram, but you don’t have to do that in order to be successful.

The better approach would be to niche down, do some market analysis. Find businesses in a given niche, and find out what problems they’re having. Then think of how to solve that problem. If you have an idea, validate it with your potential customers, and then start building your solution.

Me personally, I build a simple solution that helps content creators generate ideas. It’s called Deap Market and you can check it by clicking on the link here.