From Industry Veterans to Young Blood of Web Development

Woman curiously looking at a screen in the kitchen
Taken by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

If you don’t already know what this bird tweeting app is, the most accurate description would be to say, it’s social media platform, which recently gained a lot of popularity during the Facebook outage.

But all jokes aside, it was also popular before this event took place. The platform is…

Hand-picked by developers, for non-developers

Guys laughing
Author: Diva Plavalaguna on Pexels

I have to confess, I love programming jokes. I think they’re hilarious, and they always make me laugh. But I have an unfair advantage compared to some people. My advantage is that I‘m an actual coder. Which means I get almost all of the programming jokes.

But what about the…

Bernard Bado

Using Power of Tech Skills to Earn Online Income

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